Hearing Aids and Amplifiers by EAROTO

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Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier-201 EAROTO



Introducing the Earoto super accessible Hearing Amplifier with the most competitive price in the market! Easy one setting frequency boost to enhance all environments. Listen to the world around you with one simple volume.

1 review for Hearing Aids and Amplifiers by EAROTO

  1. By V. Eddie Parker Ed.S.

    I purchased this product to use as a training aid to become acclimated to wearing a hearing aid due to resent hearing loss in my left ear. This is the low-end hearing amplifier in EAROTO’s product line. It comes with batteries and ear domes proving to be worth the investment. The quality of sound is superb, yes it is bulky but when I think of the numbers of times that I have misplaced or dropped it into the sink it proved to be extremely durable. I plan to trade up to a more cosmetic model in the future but at the moment the “201 EAROTO” will suffice.

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