V. Eddie Parker Ed.S.

My name is Vincent E Parker; I constructed this blog site to serve as an open forum to discuss the symptoms, assessment strategies, social impact, and long-range recovery programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Increasing rates of this neurodevelopmental disorder are changing the face of child psychology, education, and family lifestyle. Subsequently, an increasing adult population continues to face the stigma of being diagnosed with late ASD under the category of individuals with autism spectrum conditions (ASC). I earned an Education Specialist EdS degree in curriculum and instruction and a graduate certificate in autism education from Liberty University in addition to working as a developmental specialist in the intellectually disabled community. In preparation for Ph.D. candidacy, the idea of creating a blog site as an open forum to examine ASD and ASC assessment and transitional programs across the human developmental lifespan, could serve as a academic working-tool to assist with the construction of a theoretical framework for future research campaigns and final dissertation proposal in the arena of Asperger Syndrome (AS). Therefore you are cordially invited to leave your comments, professional opinions, and concerns in non-derogatory terms to any blog post in question.

Thank You