“Anyone who thinks that they can achieve their goals without disappointments, encouragement, mentoring, and the willingness to accept constructive criticism is doomed to fail in their own right”.    

V. Eddie Parker

There is an adage that states that the greatest challenge to writing a novel is being able to write the first sentence. In comparison, designing a blog page cannot equate to writing a book however the challenge of designing this website in particular clearly typified an author’s attempt to write that first sentence of a promising novel.  Motivation, inspiration, and presentation proved to be the key ingredients that actualized Developmental Perspectives into fruition. This endeavor could not have been achieved without the guidance and leadership examples from acquaintances that I have admired from afar. Therefore I would like to acknowledge the following individuals whom unknowingly to them, provided the inspiration and motivation that enabled me to complete this challenging venture.

"I believe that each of us comes from the Creator trailing wisps of glory".

-Maya Angelou


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